A Look At Kevin Seawright’s Professional Career

A strategic vision helps one to achieve his or her personal and business goals. It enables an individual to command new opportunities and work towards benefiting from them. Kevin Seawright is a leading executive leader who believes in developing strategic objectives. The financial and administrative operations expert works for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as the executive vice president and chief financial officer.

Before joining the agency in September 2014, Seawright had worked for other corporations. Between 2011 and 2013, the executive leader worked for Tito General Contractors as the vice president in charge of operations and human capital.

Over the years, his transformative leadership skills have helped many companies to enhance their bottom lines. To this end, the executive continues to be one of the most sought after leaders. The expert has a sound educational background. He holds a masters degree in accounting from Almeda University and an executive leadership certification from the esteemed Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business.

For over 13 years, Kevin has improved the lives of the people living in the East Coast. His extensive skills have enabled him to succeed in different undertakings, including private financial sector, outcome efficiency, and government operations. Over the years, the financial expert has used his vast experience to build responsive accounting/finance divisions. Today, these units are using technology to enhance operational efficiency.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has enhanced payroll, payables, receivables and collection objectives of many corporations. In addition, Kevin Seawright has enabled many companies to embrace best practices and improve their product and services, thus gaining a broad client base.

His contribution has resulted in standardization and improved service delivery to customers. In his career, Seawright has been in charge of over $400 million in funds from the state, federal, capital, and private institutions. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Apart from his professional life, Kevin Seawright is involved in community activities. He has worked with different organizations towards establishing better communities and enhancing livelihoods in various towns.

Kevin played an integral role in championing for the adoption of the CitiStat software. He continues to support different community initiatives.


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