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A Word to the Wise From Jeff Yastine

Wise men know that when everything else fails it’s a good idea to read the instructions and follow them closely. Now this is true for many things, especially when it comes to professional behavior and financial growth in today’s globalized and competitive market. So, then the real question is just whose instructions are you going to follow and what makes this person trustworthy enough to deserve your attention. Read this article at to know more about Jess Yastine

There are many captains of industry who do nightly interviews and make their opinions known when it comes to what’s next on the horizon. Some might tell you to buy and sell at just the right time, without ever going into the details as to why it is the right decision in the first place. So, what you end up doing is blindly following the instructions of a guru to a cash-flow utopia that may or may not even exist. The simple fact is when it comes to whom you are listening, the maintenance of the venue plus time and effort spent in producing the advice in the first place all take its toll on the value of the insight within. In other words the best place to get your advice is from a source that is easy to understand, distribute and process.

Jeff Yastine and Banyan Hill Publishing, are two sources of information that thousands of people trust to guide their financial decisions all year long. For anyone who doubts the prowess and understanding of this man and the organization he represents, a little taste of what he serves up his in order. For example, Jeff is not afraid to “go there” when it comes to where the money in business can be found, as in the case of the big-money debate for Cannabis.

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As any person who comes from a state where recreational cannabis is concerned, they can tell you business in the market only continues to grow. Yastine knows stuff like this too, and he’s willing to analyze the connections between the big brewers of beer and their potential to get into the cannabis industry. This may seem like a whole lot of nothing to do whose have nothing to do with either product. But, for anyone who’s looking for a place to invest this just may be the golden ticket they were looking for. As the editor for Total Wealth Insider, it is Jeff Yastine’s passion to know about these types of things and share the information with those who want to know. His past experience as a news personality for PBS is what makes him perfect for the chair that he sits in now.


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