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Academy of Art University runway

The Academy of Art university held its 21st runway showcase in a row back in September. The school based in San Francisco has established themselves as one of the largest art schools in the country. The student population is about 13,000 while the staff team includes around 300 full time teachers and 1,100 part time. The showcase took place at Skylight Clarkson Square, one of the most popular places to be during a fashion event. Ten MFA and BFA graduates debuted an outfit during the event. The designers of the pieces used various instances of inspiration and life experiences to create their works. They are a very diverse group of designers, which was represented well within the event. Long days of work were put into the making of these dresses and outfits.

One of the designers, Hailun Zhou, used the inspiration of personal photographs she had taken in her creative concept class. She designed dresses using vinyl and PVC, as well as some other fabrics she made. Eden Slezin, another designer, used a reflection of the Bay area to create a vintage denim outfit. He incorporated the use of rubber bike tires into the mix as well. From Los Angeles California, Dina Marie Lam used the inspiration of the passing of her aunt. The feeling she wished to convey was that of transition, as she had to do with the loss of her aunt. She used soft, comfortable materials to invoke a warm feeling within her fit. Saya Shen from China used the inspiration from landscapes she had photographed. Through this, she created comfy, oversized silhouettes. Joanna Jadallah from Chicago, Illinois created an outfit out of wool, leather and a few other fabrics. The resemblance to be taken was that of strength– which she derived from her ancestors.

All of the designers have a much different past history than each other. They all have a story, which is what inspired them to be the people they are today. The diversity of this group made for a great runway, and the Academy of Art University held a nifty event.


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