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Banyah Hill Provides Expert Infomation on Cryptocurrency with Crypto Guru Ian King

Investing can be a tricky business, especially for those starting out. People who have spent their lives living and breathing various investment markets, receiving education and hands on application, are better equipped for success. John Q. American struggles to make the right decisions, find the growing trends, or even know what to do with profits received. For this purpose, Banyan Hill Publishing was born. Banyan, formally known as The Sovereign Society, was created in 1998. The company’s goal was to offer sage investment advice to its readers, all of which would be published in a series of articles on their website. The advice would come from top-level experts in the various investment fields, and their knowledge would suit the eclectic set of investors logging in every day. Rebranded as Banyan Hill in 2016, the company pledges that its site offers information one will get from Wall Street. It also boasts an impressive panel of experts, all of whom are editors of their own individual magazine. Through their articles these expert share knowledge, tips, strategies, and actionable information to aid would-be investors find success. The newest market to open in the world of investments is cryptocurrency. Since the successful Bitcoin boom all eyes have been steadily watching this new kid on the block. Digital coinage is a fairly new concept, and many still do not quite understand what it is. This is why Banyan has Ian King, cryptocurrency expert and editor of Crypto Profit Trader.

Ian King was a successful investor and trader long before he became involved with cryptocurrency. A profitable hedge fund manager for Peahi Capital, Ian King earned the company many successful returns, chief among them a 339% return in 2008. His involvement with cryptocurrency began when he left Wall Street to pursue venture investing. As editor for Crypto Profit Trader, King teaches investors how to enter the market, what strategies to employ, and how to safeguard their profits and digital coinage. His articles provide tips on the latest trends within the crypto market and offer a three-point strategy on how to identity such trends. Ian King is also a weekly contributor to Sovereign Investor Daily, offering news on the latest news on developments within the crypto market. As many still have trouble understanding what digital coinage is, King’s information is vital. It is also one more example of how Banyan Hill outshines the rest. Visit:


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