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Banyan Hill Editor and Crypto Currency Expert Ian King Shares Crypto Wealth Knowledge with Investors

“Everyone has heard of bitcoin; but few people own it; even fewer understand it” notes former professional trader and crypto currency guru, Ian King.

The new editor of Banyan Hill Publishing is looking to share his knowledge of the decentralized, digital asset, fostering access to the best information available to crypto currency investors.

Ian King shares that most of the crypto community came to be users of and investors in digital currencies by way of libertarian, anti centralized economic system, anti fiat-based currency motivations.

He has enthusiastically watched as the likes of bitcoin has grown from its modest and obscure origins into a global phenomenon with a global following.

In just 9 years the crypto space has grown to over $600 billion, realizing most of its exponential gains from its $18 billion valuation at the beginning of 2017.

Financial institution investment continues to pour into the crypto assets. Business interest in crypto currencies underlying technologies such as smart contracts and blockchain attract the attention of even the new asset’s strongest critics.

Ian King points out the similarities between crypto asset growth and Malcom Gladwell’s concept of the “tipping point.” Analogous to the energy required to get an atomic level event initiated, the financial markets reach a critical mass created by a rapid surge of activity that generates communications, interest and investment activity. King suggests that this point was reached in 2017 and that the markets are on the verge of experiencing a massive wave of global activity in the crypto financial realm that will bring unprecedented investment opportunities, technologies and growth. Read more on for more info.

The ICO explosion is gives a small glimpse into this potential.

Initial Coin Offerings, ICOs, are the public release means through which new crypto currencies are launched. Tied to an underlying product, service or innovation, the new crypto coins, referred to as alt coins, generate revenue for the business by allowing new investors to exchange their existing crypto assets, such as bitcoin, for the ICOs newly “minted” currencies.

As with any industry revolutionizing paradigm, ICOs have produced a fair amount of duds and outright scams. However, the model holds promise as a means that brings high growth investment opportunities to non traditional investors. At the same time, the high returns are attractive to institutional investors looking to add the new instrument to their clients’ portfolios.

The opportunities are further enhanced by giving private investors enhanced liquidity by providing them access to the public markets. Already, the industry has seen a huge growth in digital currency exchanges with the likes of Coinbase, Poloniex, Bifinex, Bitrex and Binance. Learn more:

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