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Charlamagne Tha God Shares His Views On Eminem’s New Album, Kamikaze


Friday, August 13th was an unusual morning for Charlamagne Tha God, a celebrated TV personality and radio co-host of The Breakfast Club, a nationally recognized syndicate radio show. During the morning, he just learned through his Twitter handle that Eminem just mentioned him in his newly released album Kamikaze.


Speaking on the issue, Charlamagne says, “It’s always nice to have yourself immortalized in a record track. I’m happy that I’m at a level that famous rappers can mention me in their tracks, whether on a diss track or not. Only a couple of years back, I was on Chingy’s diss track, and now Eminem? Life’s great!” he told


In his tracks, The Ringer and Fall, Slim Shady anticipated Charlamagne Tha God trashing his tracks. In the former record, Em’ says: Charlamagne is going to hate it anyway / It Does not matter what I say / Gimme Donkey for the Day / What a way 2018 has gotten underway


However, Shady will be surprised at the talking points that compelled Charlamagne to speak out.


During the interview with Esquire, the radio-show co-ghost shared his views on the album including the Trump-banishing expressions and his use of Homophobic Suggestions against Tyler, after revealing he’s a bisexual in Flower Boy, one of his albums.


In the interview, he explains that the line is not only offensive to Tyler, The Creator, but to the entire LGBT community. He wonders how a rap artist will react t what Shady says regarding Tyler’s sexuality. In his thoughts, he thinks that Eminem should exercise a tinge of sensitivity next time he addresses such a matter in a track that is anticipating a global outreach. However, he seems cool at how Eminem uses “white privilege” to speak of prejudices of the existing Trump regime. Watch This Clip for additional information on Charlamagne.


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