Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Really Have Amazon Concerned?

Amazon has been enjoying 20 percent of the sales in the online apparel world for years, so when they hear about another fashion company gunning for them, they usually just sit back and wait to see how things play out. Enter into the picture Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, a company that has gone from 0 to $250 million in sales in only three years, and certainly worth the attention of anyone in the women’s apparel space. This company sells high-quality women’s workout apparel and active-wear at low prices in both an online and retail setting.


It isn’t the fact that Hudson is selling her athleisure brand online and in the mall that warrants those huge sales numbers, it has to do with something different. Hudson says the combination of reverse showrooming and her unique membership are the keys to her huge success in this very competitive space. When women visit the retail store at the mall, this is not your typical shopping experience. Most women don’t even buy at the retail store, they are too busy trying on all the new releases, getting the membership activates, taking the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz, and just window-shopping in general.


If women are not buying like crazy at the mall store, how did Kate Hudson’s Fabletics sell $250 million in workout apparel?


As a member of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, everything that you wear in the retail store transfers to your online profile. Now there is no guessing when it comes to selecting clothes that fit because you already wore it in the store and know it flatters your frame perfectly. When these women have the time, they simply go to the e-commerce site and find workout apparel based on the size they know fits, and they shop from there. It is not uncommon for women to load a half-dozen or more items in the cart when they only tried on one thing at the store.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to get buyers excited about shopping online, and the pampering does not stop there. These Fablectics members are going to enjoy discounted pricing, free shipping for all their online orders, and even a shopping assistant who selects one item based on the quiz results and adds to the shopping cart for consideration.

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    The reason that Hudson’s Fabletics had such gigantic offers of her dynamic wear, everything comes down to the way ladies shop at the Fabletics web based business website. It is also that easy for to have these things lined up properly which could go a long way in helping them out too.

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