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Daniel Mark Harrison: Changing the Game with ICO

Daniel Mark Harrison, a founder of Monkey Capital, might break the 9-digit mark with the help of his launch of pre-ICO options.

Let’s face it, ICOs are on fire right now. One issuer has sold options prior to the funding round and prior to his bank and the ego trip for good reason. Monkey Capital is a decentralized hedge fund aggressively gathering up the market share that is open game at this point. Monkey capital has invested in initiatives like SpaceX, leveraging company takeovers, and Blockchain systems. Monkey Capital is also looking to acquire huge blocks of Crypto. Daniel Mark Harrison made history Thursday by starting the first ICO to successfully sell options. Did we mention the words “on fire”?

The ICO options are called COEVAL. All trades are made on a decentralized exchange called Waves’ DEX. Waves’ DEX allows trades of tokens-including BTC, Waves and any other assets created or moved by the Waves platform - without trust and without having to move their funds to a centralized exchange. This is the logical way to handle decentralized currency because a centralized system is venerable to hacks and robbers. Monkey Capital’s CEO spoke to hundreds of users about valuation premiums. Volume in COEVAL contracts is found to be about 15 BTC on Waves’ DEX.

The reaction to Monkey Capital is warm and appreciated from leaders in the industry. US nationally-syndicated radio host Chris Waltzek says, “If I have to give Monkey Capital a rating, I give it 6 out of 5 stars,” The Huffington Post’s senior writer Azeem Khan reporting Monkey Capital’s ICO is the new “the billion dollar baboon”. There is speculation of combined offers to reach a billion dollars which would create the first 10-diits (That’s right, ten zeros) to be raised in a single crowdfunding campaign.

Daniel Mark Harrison is a Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of global investment company Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. (DMH&CO), a Family Office with active international operations in Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Daniel M. Harrison is also an author who is considered one of the foremost global authorities on business, international events, and millennial culture.

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