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Daniel Taub: A True Representation of Isreal

Daniel Taub has given up his citizenship in Great Britain to live in Isreal. This was very important to him. Heading back to his homeland has never been sweeter. Raising children in a very historical country, with which the Jews have been exiled over 2,000 years ago, is very significant.

When Daniel Taub went to visit the Queen of England in 2011, he dressed the part of a native Israelite. He even wore his kippah. This is a little black cap that Jewish men wear as part of their identity.

Daniel Taub was born in Great Britain in 1962. He was one devoted diplomat for that country. However, turning his back on Isreal, where his family migrated from, was not happening. Daniel Taub prides himself on being an Orthodox Jew. He did acknowledge that his parents were looking for new opportunities, which explained the move to Great Britain. He appreciated the move and believes that bringing the countries together is his most important mission.

Of course, that mission has been accomplished and the Jewish community in Great Britain are proud of Taub’s actions. He received a farewell party in his honor. There were people that did not want to see Taub leave but knew it was for the better. Daniel Taub believes it was faith that helped him build those bridges between both countries. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Dealing with some of Isreal’s crises has not been easy. Daniel Taub had been at the forefront. Going to the government on Isreal’s behalf time and time again has helped ensure that country’s survival. Being on certain media platforms such as Today and Newsnight made the difference in bringing about awareness of some of the problems Isreal faced. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Meeting in sessions with businesswomen and men, along with academic heads created the strategic plan that brought both countries together. That is why Daniel Taub feels so good about this. As of now, the relations between both Isreal and Great Britain are very strong.

Daniel Taub gets that people sometimes do not understand how much of a role that Britain plays in its alliance with Isreal. It happens to be the financial giant of the world. With the Middle East going through the turmoil it is facing, it is quite understandable why these country’s getting along is so important. This could be the model needed to bring about peace. Daniel Taub thinks so.

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