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Doe Deere’s Ticket To Success

If you have creative skill that you’re passionate about, it IS possible to turn that skill or hobby into a business. Doe Deere is the perfect proof that you can use your skills and passions to create a successful business. She is the owner of Lime Crime, a worldwide phenomenon in the cosmetics industry. She has not only made a name for her company but herself, through her ability to teach others how to self express and be confident in their own skin. She is a business icon, and inspiration to women and men all around the world. Learn more:


Doe Deere moved to New York City from Russia as a teenager. New York City was a great place for her to find herself, and discover her creativity and entrepreneurial skills. She would hand make temporary tattoos and sell them in the streets. She also had a short career in music, beside her now husband, before her adventure in cosmetics. During this time, a lot of cosmetics would only offer hues that were natural tones. The industry lacked bold and bright, and Doe was ready to change that.


When she created Lime Crime, she was hoping that women like herself were hoping for a new take on cosmetics. She offered bold, incredible colors that you couldn’t find elsewhere and they were a huge hit. Being unique was the ticket to success. Not only in her business, but she would continue to express herself by using social media to show others not to be afraid of color. She might be sporting some wild hair, and interesting takes on fashion but she is encouragement to be yourself for so many young people.


You can find success by being yourself and using your passion to steer you into the right direction. Doe is proof that it’s OKAY to be different and to follow your heart in every aspect of your life. If you haven’t become familiar with Lime Crime, you will be so impressed with the uniqueness and expression of it. Doe is certainly someone you can look up to in both the real world and the business world.

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