Dr. Saad’s Principles and Journey in the Medical Field

Dr. Saad is an epitome of the common phrase that everything is possible. Born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait, Saad beat all odds to become a celebrated surgeon. He has two patents to his name besides coming up with new pediatric surgical procedures. Dr. Saad, who is now retired, provided insight on his life and journey in the medical field in a recent article.


Saad says that while still in high school in Kuwait, he had thought of becoming an engineer. The idea had been inspired by two of his elder brothers who were working in construction. However, the high temperatures in Kuwait discouraged him. He now preferred working indoors. He, therefore, chose to become a surgeon who would operate indoors.


Saad believes that people can reach their goals if they are strong-willed. He insists that it is not impossible. Although many people do not entertain the idea of having a role model, the successful surgeon had one. Dr. H Biemann Othersen, a celebrated surgeon was a crucial pillar in his career. He trained him while working in Charleston, SC. According to Saad, he acquired qualities like honesty, hard work, and kindness from the man who inspired him to become a pediatric surgeon. He also learned that all people are same despite the different races, capabilities or socio-economic status. It explains why he advises people to read books about Abraham Lincoln, and his declaration to free slaves.


He attributes his success to research. In his own words, Saad says that “Research leads to results.” Besides, coming from a low-income family pushed him to excel in his studies. Saad says that throughout his career, he has seen the value of being organized. He says that it enhanced efficiency in his undertakings. To this day, procrastination has never been part of his life. He urges people to work hard and persevere the different challenges that come with living.

About Dr. Saad

Dr. Saad was born in a family of eight children who have since become successful individuals in different fields. Three of them are surgeons, four engineers, and a teacher. He attended the University of Cairo, Egypt for his medical degree where he emerged second. He went to England for his internship before moving to the United States.


He has worked as a surgeon for over four decades. As part of his charity work, Dr. Saad performed free surgeries on sick children in Jerusalem. He has worked in various hospitals including K Hovnanian Children Hospital. He held prominent positions that where he contributed to administrative duties as well as complex medical procedures. Saad also cherishes his family of his wife and four children. The children have also excelled in various fields with two surgeons, an ICU nurse, and a lawyer. Learn more:  https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12

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