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FlavioMaluf: Power of Fiscal Incentive Laws and The Role of Government To Appease The People

Most wise people would say that the leaders that a person looks up to would most likely be who they in turn would end up becoming. In the case with FlavioMaluf, he believes that another good way to generate leaders who will lead as examples and inspiration in business would be by fostering effective fiscal incentive laws.

Maluf belives that social development of a country comes from laws. Jobs without laws could not prosper. A business without right taxation cannot gain support and footing from the people. The people have to see that the government is valuing their future. All of this would only be possible with a good set of Fiscal Incentive Laws. Visit to learn more.

The experience of Flavio Maluf as President of Eucatex’ companies shows that doing a “live” business in Brazil is expensive. The taxes are expensive. The transparency of the government is questionable. The costs of registering a business is too high to inspire start-ups. To fix this, an alternative tax incentive should be done.

Maluf argues that one way to do this is to invest some of the profits to social or cultural development. These donations to charities and social causes could then be filed under advertising costs. Not only can the company help the society, it can lower the costs in advertising and marketing, too. Maluf strongly belives that advertising through charity is a good fiscal incentive program.

Maluf also presented some alternative regional tax incentives for companies. By associating a company with social advocacy groups in the region, they increase their reputation. One example of this is the Manaus Free Zone, which is an attempt to promote the Western Amazon. If companies take part in these programs, they can definitely lower their tax costs. Tax obligations are incentivized by the government if the companies show alternative means of support.

We should add here that Maluf has built reputation in his advice because of his years of service. His years of experience also tell us that he is an executive that knows the value of hard work and business leadership. Being the president of Eucatex, Maluf has proven that inheriting a business from a family isn’t enough. One has to prove one’s worth.



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