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GreenSky Credit as the Trendsetter Fintech World

GreenSky Credit is unique in many aspects. First, unlike many Fintech companies primarily in the USA, the company collaboration with banks makes it exceptionally competitive. In many similar companies, the mode of work is always pegged in providing an alternative to the financial institutions. However, the company collaborates with banks to provide the clients with the best services. This mode of operation is ideal for minimizing the operational risks. Working with banks such as SunTrust has enabled GreenSky Credit to stay in this competitive business and improve on efficiency. With this kind of functional collaboration, the company has successfully expanded the operational capacity to 17,000 contractors and increased the loan limit to currently more than $65,000.

Going public is an idea many establishments are shy of doing. Many private companies are willing to sacrifice funding for fear of the unknown. However, GreenSky Credit views public offering as a chance to be on the global standards with the likes of Uber. With this initiative, the company’s overall funding will help the company expand to the vast market and become more competitive. Although most financial startups are opposed to the idea of IPO due to an increase in bureaucracy, the more important good is vital for this Fintech expansion.

GreenSky Credit has visionary management. David Zalik, who is in charge of the company, has a record of corporate growth. His policies in the organization have enabled it to grow from a simple startup to being one of the most efficient Fintech companies. With Gerry Benjamin as the entity vice chairperson, the company has exhibited growth for the past one decade. Currently, the company is home to more than 1000 employees. Besides, the work and policies of Tim Kaliban as the man in charge of risk management is evident.

As a modern company, the company has one of the most effective working formulae. With partnerships with traditional banks, GreenSky Credit has provided loans to customers through the mobile app. This mode of work is not only practical but challenges the conventional way of financing activities in both small-scale and medium scaled housing services.

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