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Helane Morrison, a Woman with a Knack for Bursting Economic Crimes

Helane Morrison is a seasoned class action lawyer intolerant to corruption and fraud in the financial sector. She joined the Securities and Exchange San Francisco’s office in 1996, for a decade-long career in the enforcement department. She had a brief stint of three years as the Assistant District Administrator at the SEC from 1996-1999 where her primary roles included being the representative of the state to other agencies.


While at the SEC, the number of examination staff doubled to 60, which increased her workload, a challenge she took on with enthusiasm. For enforcement to be effective, the examinations staff carry out investigations. The evidence is gathered by thoroughly scrutinizing investors and securities exchange books. Helane Morrison then institutes legal proceedings against non-compliant institutions.


Her efforts earned her promotion, and in 1999, she took over from David Bayless as the District Office Administrator, Enforcement. Her new job description entailed the responsibilities of ensuring Securities Law Compliance, a post she held for ten years. She joined the ranks of a few female executives such as Valerie Caproni and Carmen Lawrence of the Chicago and New York District office.


Driven by a passion for ethics and professionalism in the finance and investment sectors, she later resigned and joined one of the biggest financial investment companies in Chicago as the Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director and General Counsel at Halls Capital Partners.


Halls Capital Partners is an exclusive women’s legal partnership, and it is here that Helane Morrison admits will be much easier to achieve her goals of protecting gullible investors especially after the aftermath of the market crash. It is during this crash that economic crimes and manipulation eroded investor confidence in major investment outfits.


Helane graduated with a B.S Degree in journalism from the Northwestern University of Chicago. She has worked as the editor-in-chief of the Chicago Law Review. Upon passing her bar exams, she started working as a law clerk for two years, from 1984-1986. She was first a clerk working with Hon. Richard Posen of the Seventh District Court of Appeal and finally with Justice Harry Blackmun. From 1986, Helane joined Howard, Rice, and Nemeroski & Rabin where she worked on litigation actions involving SEC matters.



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    One of the objectives she means to accomplish at Halls Capital is to reestablish financial specialist certainty, which was lost in the 2007-2008 market crash. Helane has a notoriety for a straightforward way to deal with debasement. It might also have been the thing in which ultius review and it might have so many things it could be everything that they are looking forward to see.

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