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Helping Others Is Scott Rocklage’s Passion

Scott Rocklage is a well-accomplished man that has many successes in the healthcare industry. Not only is he an accomplished professional, but he is an avid supporter of charities and organizations that have good causes behind them throughout the Massachusetts and Boston areas. That’s not all though, Scott Rocklage has invested in companies all over the globe throughout his career, aiding in medical developments and research to help develop cures and aid for people in need. Scott specifically targets medical developers that are researching new and better ways of aiding patients with medical disorders, including myotonic dystrophy.


Not too long ago, Scott Rocklage and his company, 5AM Ventures, did a campaign for funding research at Expansion Therapeutics. This is a research company that is attempting to develop new cures for genetic disorders, including DM1. If found, this cure could aid adults and children with muscular dystrophy. Along with Scott Rocklage, many other companies have started investing in this kind of research as well, including Kleiner Perkins, Sanofi Ventures, and RA Capital Management. Tens of millions of dollars have been rounded up for the funding of Expansion Therapeutics, and more will be coming to the mand companies like them in the next few years. Learn more:


DM1 is a serious hereditary condition and its impact has become worse with each generation that passes. After a period of several generations, an entire family’s line can be ended because of the effects of this disease affecting every single member of a family. Thanks to 5AM Venture, a great level of funding is going out to companies looking for cures and treatments for these debilitating diseases. It is Scott’s hope that at the very worst, the research will create something that can slow the effects and causes of these diseases.


Before becoming a managing partner at 5AM Venture, Scott was a standard venture partner for the company, but that changed within a year. Scott has a strong academic foundation coming from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry. Scott is not only admirable for his success as a professional but his desire to use his profession to help others.

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