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Investing in Brazil Like Igor Cornelsen

Brazil is booming with growth. Not only are more people moving to Brazil, but the economy is booming in many industries. Numerous business owners and investors are excited about the future.

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent investor in Brazil. He has investments in various industries. Although he started from nothing, he has built considerable wealth during his career.

In the coming years, Igor Cornelsen has many plans to continue investing. He believes that Brazil will become one of the leading nations in the world. The government of Brazil needs to invest in infrastructure and education for children. These areas are currently falling behind due to the rapid population growth. See more on Igor Cornelsen at

Early Career

Igor always wanted to own his own business. Instead of going to college, he decided to start a company. Despite lacking experience, he started a company and had some success. He tried to expand the business by borrowing capital from a local bank. He quickly realized that his company had too much debt. Igor’s first company would eventually go out of business.

From this experience, Igor learned multiple lessons that would add value to his career. He now owns numerous companies that are financially successful. He enjoys managing his own business and helping the local community.


Igor Cornelsen also invests his excess capital into various asset classes. Igor is an investor in gold. He believes that the price of gold will increase significantly in the coming years. As economic issues persist around the world, investors will start purchasing gold to protect their portfolios.

Igor also owns multiple real estate properties. He has invested in real estate for his entire career. Igor believes that real estate is a proven way to build wealth over time. He wants to add to his real estate portfolio in the future. Visit:


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