Jim Larkin Founded The National Union Of Dock Labourers

Jim Larkin is someone who was born in January of 1876, and he lived until January of 1947. He made the most of his years and did many positive things in his lifetime. There are some who are labeled heroes after they have passed away, and this man is one of those people. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

This man was born in Liverpool, England, and he went on to move about the earth. He was in Dublin, Ireland when he passed away. He grew up in a poor area and he did not have the chance to gain much of an education when he was young. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography

There are some who have to start working when they are young and who continue to work hard as they grow older. Jim Larkin is someone who started working when he was a youth, helping to support his family with the money that he earned.

He worked hard as he grew older, and he went on to do big things. He founded the National Union of Dock Labourers, and he helped those who were working on the docks to receive the kind of pay and good treatment that he felt that they deserved.

Jim Larkin was someone who was involved in many causes, but he was also a man who was focused on his family. He was married to Elizabeth Brown. The two had four children together, all sons. Jim Larkin was a part of many issues but he was also someone who helped to raise four children.

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