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Julia Jackson’s Success as a Spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines

Julia Jackson grew up on a farm that grew grapes for wine. Her father, Jess Jackson, was the founder of Jackson Family Wines. She remembers sorting grapes as a young child and doing other chores around the farm. She is now the Spokesperson for her company, a position she earned in September 2010.

After completing high school, Julia Jackson attended Scripps College in Claremont, California. She graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. That same year she also earned a certificate in general management which she obtained at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. It was after graduating that she rejoined her family business, now run by her mother since her father has passed away.

Jackson Family Wine has a number of acclaimed varieties of wine that they grow and bottle. Their flagship wine is Vérité which won a wine tasting in London. It was matched up against its nearest competitors and selected the best wine during a blind taste testing. Even more impressive is that Vérité won despite costing a tenth what some of its competition is priced at.


When describing the wine that her company offers, Julia Jackson has said that they take the long view in the wine business. They don’t chase short-term trends or try to target any demographic like Millenials. Instead, they produce good quality wines that have a timeless appeal. Other award winning brands of wine they offer are Le Désir, La Joie, and La Muse. These are all Cabernet blends. Jackson has said that the valley where her family’s winery is, Sonoma Valley, is the best place to grow Cabernet grapes in the world.


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    Most brands have the success that they have because of the leadership that they have and I think that will be good to notice. Also this will make support should there be commitment in making the product work better. I think that we have to look at the ways that some of the brands are setup in order to truly understand how they made it.

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