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Lori Senecal on use of mobile friendly content for advertising

Digital advertising is one area that’s ever changing. Mostly, this has to do with changing trends in technological innovations. It is therefore important for any person in the business of advertising brands or products to keep up with the changes. No business can afford to lag behind. In fact, businesses should lead in coming up with innovative ways that make use of the most current technology to reach out to potential customers. Today, the world has simply become a global village, it’s literally possible to reach out to millions of people by making use of Facebook ads platform. Today, with over a billion users, Facebook marketing is an area where business people should aim their guns. To explain some of the most important advertising trends that business people should learn, we will follow the advice of a prominent marketing guru and CEO of an advertising agency, Lori Senecal.

At the top of current trends is the use of mobile devices. Literally, everyone today has a mobile phone. This makes the number of people who access the internet through their devices swell up to millions. This means for effective advertising strategies, one has to come up with content that is mobile friendly. To back this up, statistics show that the amount of advertising revenue collected via mobile devices surpasses that of desktops by far. Also, another fact that should draw people towards mobile-friendly ads is that people tend to spend a substantial amount of time- 25%, on their devices. This makes digital marketing targeting mobile devices users most appropriate at the current times.

Lori Senecal insists that businesses need to make sure that their online links can be easily accessed via mobile devices. This can be made simple by creating mobile friendly websites or by creating mobile apps. Your business should not only look good on a smartphone, it should also be easy to navigate through, for instance, it should be clear how to search and order a product.

Lori Senecal is the global CEO for CP+B. he has steered the agency into international growth, where today they have operations in nine different countries. Lori has brought in new innovative marketing ideas that are appealing to both local and international market needs.

In 2016 Lori was named by Advertising Age “Agency Executives to Watch” as one of the top executives to watch.

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