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Louis Chenevert, the Innovative Marvel at United Technologies

Innovation and leadership is what keeps companies successful, and Louis Chenevert can attest to that. Louis Chenevert is the former chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation, followed by acting chief executive officer Gregory Hayes. Both men support the idea that investing in the latest technology can keep a company competitive. The applaud companies who have the business acumen to invest in the future with the most advanced tech possible. As the leader they acknowledge and accept the obligation to instigate the stewardship role that the position demands.

Both Louis Chenevert and Gregory Hayes say stewardship means investing in new innovation as well as people. One way that United Technologies invests in its employees is through continued education. United Technologies Corporation offers the Employee Scholar Program, which covers all fees for employees to earn degrees in their desired field. United Technologies has granted 39,000 degrees worldwide since the program started in 1996. The company has invested $1 billion within the United States for education.

One of the crown jewels in United Technologies is the development of the innovative GTF engine made by Pratt and Whitney. The GTF engine required a $10 billion dollar investment and 20 years of work by the United Technologies business unit. Louis Chenevert joined the UTC Pratt and Wyatt engine team in 1993, and guided the company to major market gains. Louis Chenevert was named chief executive officer in 2006, during the massive economic recession. Louis Chenevert led the company to major achievements, outperforming companies such as Zenith, Philco, RCA and Bethlehem steel, who all now no longer appear anywhere.

Louis Chenevert has led UTC to create one of the most innovative jet engines in the industry. Louis Chenevert is very pleased with the Geared Turbofan engine. The GTF is a major breakthrough for the industry making it have 16% better fuel efficiency than all existing engines. The GTF noise is 75% less than the other engines. The engine also reduces emissions by 50%. The engine was on display on Capitol Hill, drawing amazement from visitors and observers. The engine is being used by 14 airlines and is on 72 aircraft.

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