Madison Street Capital Walked Away With A Top Award In 2017

Every industry has its own way of celebrating and honoring the excellence that exists within its ranks. Industries that range from the world of automotive manufacturers, to the world of environmental lawyers to the electrical engineering industry have long since recognized the importance of making professionals who are hardworking, enterprising and invested in advancing the possibilities that exist in their given industry feel seen. While many professionals work hard because they derive pleasure from the skills that they are developing and from the solutions that they are creating for the world’s problems most people feel good to know that their hard work has not gone unnoticed particularly when their work is exemplary or lays the foundation for other professionals who are working in their industry to advance the field. For instance, the US film industry recently gathered together to recognize the achievements of the professionals who make the films that are consumed by audiences across the nation and the globe possible. While most people who are not part of these industries were likely most interested in seeing actors and actresses win awards The Academy notably made time to recognize the people whose names the general public will likely never learn.


The Academy had many awards that were meant to celebrate the distinct and valuable skill sets of people whose handiwork often goes unseen such as the individuals who are responsible for designing the costumes that are worn by the actors as well as the professionals who serve as sound engineers for many of these films. Indeed most films would likely be very different experiences if the sound engineers and costume designers who worked on them were not very good at their jobs. As such a professional body such as the Academy has recognized that they deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work. The professional organization that is known as The M&A Advisor is no different. The M&A Advisor is a professional organization that serves the needs of professionals who work in the financial services industry especially in the area of mergers and acquisitions.


For sixteen years now The M&A Advisor has held an annual awards ceremony that seeks to shine a light on companies that are doing exemplary work in the world of financial services and mergers and acquisitions. Like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences The M&A Advisor has long since understood how important it is to celebrate the achievements of the professionals who work in its industry. While the subject of mergers and acquisitions might be an opaque one to those who do not work in the world of corporate finance it is still important to acknowledge the work that companies and individuals do in that space. Recently a firm that is known as Madison Street Capital received one of the top awards at the 2017 Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment firm that is based in Illinois. The company won the Debt Financing Deal of the Year award at the 2017 Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The Award no doubt confirms Madison Street Capital’s reputation as a leading firm in its industry.


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