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Paul Herdsman And NICE Global

Paul Herdsman is a successful entrepreneur and business man who lives in Florida. He helped co-found NICE Global which is headquartered in Jamaica, where Herdsman is originally from.


NICE Global is a company that helps other companies outsource a variety of business needs like customer service and email services thus lowering overhead costs. NICE Global can also help to retain customers and they offer technical support as well as after-hours support. NICE can also help with sales such as up selling and cross-selling.


Another service that they can provide a company is an answering service. Every time customers call in, they will get a live person instead of an automated voice.


Paul Herdsman also has some Effective Business Insights for start-ups and other businesses to help them become more successful, like NICE Global.


His first suggestion is to promote and maintain a positive working environment and culture. Having a delightful place to work can boost employee morale and make them feel more like family. This can help to retain employees. It can be very expensive to constantly train new employees. Customers also enjoy conversing with people who they are familiar with.


Another suggestion that Paul Herdsman has for companies is to invest in their employees. Training employees when they first start is obviously beneficial, but continued training can show employees that they are truly cared about. This also makes employees an ever-increasing asset. Employees should also be rewarded for doing things right.

Employees should not only know what their roles and responsibilities are, but everyone else’s too. This gives your team a sense of unity and understanding.


When obtaining and training new employees, it is essential to find out if the potential new team member is a good fit in the company and in the team. Hiring intelligent people who know what they are doing can really help a business owner focus on other aspects of the business. Read This Article for more information.


Finally, Paul Herdsman believes that people who are problems solvers will have the most success in the business world since companies are always looking for people to help them solve their problems.


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