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Paul Mampilly Gives His Views On The Disagreement Between Elon Musk And Warren Buffett

Paul Mampillylaunched his second career a few years ago now. His first career was as a portfolio manager on Wall Street. His second career is in the financial publishing industry, offering his expert advice to subscribers of his newsletters. Instead of helping rich people get richer he now helps those on Main Street America invest their money and save for retirement. His newsletters are published through Banyan Hill Publishing and offers sound investment advice to the 99%.

He was born in India and his family moved to Dubai when he was young. Oil had just been discovered in the United Arab Emirate and this helped the economy really take off in that nation. His family went from one living in poverty to one that was financially well-off. Paul Mampilly and his sister were able to get college educations, something their parents didn’t have. He earned his college degree at Montclair State University and graduated in 1991 with a degree in business administration. He also has a masters degree in this subject that he earned at Fordham Gabelli School of Business. Read more at Talk Markets.

He began his career at Bankers Trust Company where he began as an assistant portfolio manager and was promoted before long to being a full portfolio manager. His company was acquired by Deutsche Bank and Paul Mampilly became a research assistant. Before he left Wall Street he had ascended to running a hedge fund at Kinetics Asset Management.

The investment term “moat” was coined by Warren Buffett. It refers to any corporation that doesn’t have much in the way of competition in its industry which makes them great investments. Recently Elon Musk, the chief executive officer of Tesla, called moats lame and said that a moat isn’t going to help anyone survive an invading army all by itself. He argued that looking at the pace of innovation at a company as the true sign of how it is doing.

Paul Mampilly says that most people will agree with Warren Buffet’s views on moats. He, however, agrees with Elon Musk instead. It is Paul’s view that a moat can’t disrupt a market or be all that innovative. Any company viewed as a moat will be one that other companies will target by being more innovative and disruptive. In the past moats worked well when it was a lot harder to start new businesses. Now that it is much easier to do so Paul says that he wouldn’t invest his money in any company that is considered to be a moat. Learn more:


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