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Peter Briger’s Illustrious Career in Investment

Peter Briger is an American businessman and investor who co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. He went to Princeton University for his undergraduate studies and later attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained an MBA. Peter was born and raised in San Francisco.

He is a principal at Fortress Investment Group and the co-chairman of the firm’s board of directors. He also holds various responsibilities and positions at the organization and its affiliates. Fortress Investment Group is one of the to investment solutions firm in the world. At the company, Peter Briger is in charge of the real estate assets and managing the credit funds. He is recognized for his business acumen that mainly involves transforming distressed investments into cash. Peter Briger led Fortress Investment Group to become the first alternative asset management firm to trade in the stock market.

Throughout his illustrious investment career, Peter Briger has demonstrated that he is a capable leader. His employees at Fortress Investment Group are receptive to his ability to resolve several challenges in the organization. They say that the organization pays good salaries and is one of the best places to learn the ropes of financial investment. They also applaud the management for creating a conducive work environment.

Peter’s extensive experience in investment spans for over two decades. He started out at Goldman Sach where he rose to the position of partner. At the firm, he held various leadership positions in different committees including the Asian Management Committee. He was also a co-head for the Special Opportunities Fund.

Peter Briger is a devoted humanitarian who feels children are the leaders of tomorrow and should be taken care of to ensure they have access to education and the basic needs in life. He supports an international fund for children and other charities that help the less privileged in society. He is a board member of the Tipping Point. Peter and two other alumni of Princeton University have teamed up to start a fund at the university to provide capital for funding entrepreneurial ideas of graduates of the university’s graduates.


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