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Securus Drone Detection Technology Moves Forward

Securus Technologies was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1986. Since then, it added new regional offices located in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies employs approximately 1000 people and has 2,600 contracts with correctional facilities around the United States.


Securus Technologies is leading the way in security and public safety. It’s used in correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies both state and federal and investigations. They detect drones that deliver threats to public safety. Securus Technologies is using technology to detect drones in order to stop them from delivering all kinds of illegal paraphernalia even before it reaches our prisons and jails.


After an 18-month evaluation, Securus Technologies has worked on perfecting these drone detectors, to make them more efficient, in order to stop contraband from getting to our jails and prisons. Over time, these drone detectors will get better and better at detecting weapons, illegal drugs, and other contrabands. Securus Technologies have drone detectors with a digital antennae structure (DAS) to make them more effective in combating crimes.


Drones today can be used in positive ways but if they get into the wrong hands, they can bring disastrous consequences to a nation or community. The Bureau of Prisons found over 5,000 cell phones in 2016, that were illegally brought in by drones, which were confiscated by prison officials. As drones become more and more common in today’s world of technology, they’re becoming more affordable as well. Inmates are finding it easier to deliver illegal weapons, drugs and cell phones, but Securus Technologies is coming up with better and even greater technology to detect illegal drones to stop this illegal activity.


Securus Technologies in 2018, won the Stevie Awards for customer satisfaction because of their excellence in drone detector technology. The Corporate Escalations Team took the Gold for customer service complaints, Zelperita Jackson won the Silver for customer service professional of the year and the Video Visitation Team received the Bronze for Front-Line Customer Service Team at Ceasers Palace in Las Vagas, Nevada.


As technology advances in the future, Securus Technologies is leading the way in creating better and more sophisticated drone detectors.


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