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Securus Technologies’ video visitation is making prisons safer

When Securus Technologies first unveiled its video visitation platform more than 10 years ago, many people did not believe it would make a profound impact on the way the prisons operated in the United States. However, that is proven to be totally false. Over the last 10 years, video visitation technology has radically changed the way in which prisoners are able to communicate with their loved ones and the way in which guards are able to incentivize prisoners to be on their best behavior.


As a result of giving prisoners the privilege of staying in nearly constant face-to-face contact with their loved ones, prison staff now have an enormously powerful tool to prevent behavioral infractions and serious crimes from being committed within the prison. The incentive created by having the privilege of talking with family on an almost unlimited basis it sufficient to convince prisoners not to engage in criminal activity or other violations of prisons code of conduct while they are incarcerated.


This also makes the job of prison guards safer. Prisoners who are strongly motivated not to break the rules are far less likely to attack prison guards or attempt to extort them or otherwise put their jobs or their safety in jeopardy. Additionally, the sharp reduction experienced in prisons throughout the United States regarding in-person visitations as a result of the implementation of video visitation technology has meant that guards no longer have to transport dangerous criminals throughout the prison in anywhere near the same numbers as they did before.


Previously, transporting prisoners throughout the facility, especially into areas where they may have been encountering rival gang members or other enemies, constituted one of the most dangerous activities that prison guards routinely had to carry out. Now, with video visitation, this is increasingly becoming obsolete.


Overall, video visitation has been an improvement to the safety of the nation’s carceral facilities.


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