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Self-Governance Becomes An Important Part Of Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX

Upon revealing his impressive Worldwide Asset eXchange to the public for the first time, Malcolm CasSelle ( made a major point of the need for effective self-governance for those taking part in his Online marketplace. Malcolm CasSelle believes the users of his Online marketplace should come together to oversee every aspect of the security of their own sales and trades by taking advantage of the token and virtual bond markets.


The business model of WAX allows the individual the chance to buy, sell, and trade as many of the purchases made Online using tokens in video games in a safe and secure environment.


By electing its own leaders and transfer agents, each guild makes sure every person placed in a position of responsibility is held to the highest possible standards; the premise of WAX includes the need to diversify into different areas of collecting to raise the overall value of each guild. The software used by WAX includes an algorithm designed to ensure each and every item traded or sold has a strong proof of ownership level of documentation created using a blockchain which can be traced back to the first purchase.


Before arriving at WAX, Malcolm CasSelle was well-known as one of the leading investors and executives leading startups in the technology sector to the highest levels of success. Among the startups, CasSelle invested in during his first years as a technology executive were the video gaming-based Xfire social media platform which has grown to an impressive 22 million global users.


In terms of his own abilities as the founder of a range of different companies, Malcolm CasSelle has taken his skills to the continent of Asia where he proved himself a major success in developing the PCCW telecom business. A public offering was eventually made for the Hong Kong-based company which has left the business valued at an impressive $35 billion.


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