Shopping For Luxury Items Has Been Made Easier With The RealReal

The RealReal has a has a lengthy process for authenticating luxury items, making sure every item is true to the brand before acquiring or selling them. Not only has this allowed The RealReal to build a valuable reputation in a short amount of time, but its allowed them to thrive despite the many competitors in the industry for selling used or refurbished goods. In the past, even some of the most legitimate proclaiming companies have been found to harbor fakes in their inventories, which The RealReal constantly monitors.

The RealReal has managed to have a large impact on the second-hand market when it comes to the digital marketplace. Within just a few short years, The RealReal has been able to crush the belief that second-hand sites are not trustworthy and sell lots of fakes. Not only does The RealReal have an excellent authentication process with constant inventory control, but they have a high turn around rate for their items because the high-quality elaborate service they have set up.

Secondhand sellers are becoming more popular every single year, especially as trustworthy sellers like The RealReal and ThredUp continue to enter the market. The RealReal has only been in the market for just around four years and they have already become a leading selling in secondhand luxury goods. The RealReal maintains a strict policy against any fake items and has a staff that is trained to thoroughly investigate a huge variety of different luxury brands. The company has regular inspections of their goods to maintain quality and authenticity on all items as well.

The RealReal’s CEO, Julie Wainwright, believes that the company is able to flourish where many others have failed in the past simply because the shopping habits of people have changed over the years, especially as technology and the internet has continued to grow in size and use.

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