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Sunny Plumber Given A “Best Of The Best” Award From CopperPoint Insurance

The Sunny Plumber, a Tucson-based plumbing company received a workplace safety award from CopperPoint Insurance Company, a well-known Arizona workers compensation insurance agency. This “Best of the Best” award is given to companies that have enforced guidelines that meet CopperPoint’s safety standards and have exhibited them on the job. The Sunny Plumber and another company they partner with, Goettl Air Conditioning were the honorary recipients in their respective industries. The Sunny Plumber and Goettl Air Conditioning’s safety manager has made a point to keep employees protected at all times with safety equipment and protective wear.

The Sunny plumber has been servicing the Tucson and surrounding areas for a number of years, and with their partnership with Goettl they’ve been able to reach customers in Nevada as well. They are known for extensive services that include around-the-clock operations and service plans that are fair and friendly towards customers. For example, their customers are given 3-day cancellation options, confirmation calls and fair quotes that estimate the length of time it will take to complete the job and will not charge extra for exceeding that time.

The Sunny Plumber specializes in pipe leak detection, sewage and drain problems, water heater installation and maintenance, water cleaning and quality analysis and other service plans. The Sunny Plumber hires the most qualified individuals who have been trained and certified to fix plumbing issues, and they use the most advanced equipment from camera and infrared detectors to sump pumps and hydro jetting machines. They are committed to making sure the problem is completely resolved when they finish and every available option has been pursued. Customers in the Tucson and surrounding areas can contact The Plumber by calling them at (602)734-5106, or by going to their website at and filling out their contact form.

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