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The Outstanding Services that Copa Star Hospital offers to its Patients

The level of medical care that is being provided in Brazil has changed since the founding of Copa Star Hospital, which is a top notch medical center that is based in Rio de Janeiro. The facility has been built in the Copacabana area. It is highly luxurious and offers the patients comfort. The hospital uses advanced technology to deliver high standards of healthcare to its clients. Copa Star is a unit of Rede D’Or São Luiz, which owns many hospitals in different parts of the country.

Copa Star Hospital’s buildings have exceptional architectural designs and landscape that portray an image of a world class facility. The hallways and reception are well decorated, and they make the environment to feel lively. Every patient that seeks the services of the medical center is offered personalized care by physicians who are highly skilled and experienced. The hospital has a modern Smart Hospitality system that allows every patient to be given an iPad that has applications that have been customized. The software that is installed in the devices enables the patients to communicate with the medical professional at the facility and also access results of their medical examinations. The hospital’s system also allows the patients to control the position of their beds, opening and closing of curtains, and light level. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

The five-star hospital ensures that all its guests feel comfortable. Its hallways are wide to enable easy mobility. Its artistic features were developed by Yutaka Toyota who is a renowned Japanese artist. He has displayed excellent skills in painting, set design, drafting, and engraving. His work has made the surrounding cheerful. Hospital Copa Star has also designed its buildings to be private, and therefore, patients can come in and leave without any interference. This makes it convenient for use by celebrities and other individuals who have a high social status. The location of the facility is strategic, and it gets a cools breeze from the sea. Its environment always feels tranquil, clean, and fresh.

According to Rede D’Or São Luiz’s president, Dr. Jorge Moll, Copa Star has the best equipment and theaters that enable its doctors to conduct the most complicated surgeries. The hospital has about 500 professionals who have been trained well to offer excellent services to the patients. Since the opening of Copa Star, people in Brazil do not have to travel to other countries for them to access world-class medical care. The employees of the facility are coached to offer executive treatment that is similar to a five-star hotel. The management of Rede D’Or São is dedicated to providing excellent medical services to the people of Brazil, and it plans to open more top notch hospitals in other cities. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

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