The Reverse Showrooming Success with Fabletics

Fabletics is an online retailer capitalizing on selling women’s sports attire and related accessories. It also operates a number of physical stores. Kate Hudson started it in 2013. It is currently counting over $250 million in profits.

Fabletics is one of the few enormous beneficiaries of reverse showrooming, a technique that led to a significant loss of customers for many businesses. Though she admits that it was not a tactical plan for the company, she is glad to disclose that it has earned her and her company a significant percentage of her profits.

Starting as a subscription-based online store, Fabletics enjoyed a responsive online market. Their prices and unbeatable quality are major factors that made the reverse showrooming technique work for Fabletics and blow a fortune for most of its close competitors.

Reverse showrooming involves a scenario in which a shopper examines every piece of an item in their interests that is available in stores, and once they are familiar with it, they go to an online store and orders it at a more affordable price.

By offering quality products at a significantly lower price, Fabletics made a refuge for every shopper looking for affordable convenience. The shoppers hence have access to reliability, quality and affordability from the same plate.

For Fabletics, success has been attributed to market knowledge (particularly conscious of Amazon’s influence in fashion), proper utilization of online data from all the possible avenues, and appropriately deployed technology.

They are capitalizing on setting up physical shopping points in diverse strategic areas to help them win even more loyalty from their customers and earn new ones as well.

According to an independent review by ‘A Foodie Stays Fit,’ Fabletics offers incredible quality to its customers. The blogger states that for their price, the quality is surprising! She also notes that the style is impressive, ranging from a wide variety of designs and colours to diverse fabric material.

She commends the value Fabletics put in every dollar spent, especially if compared to competing sellers. Some products of equal quality and style are available from other dealers at almost double the price!

For your unbiased review from the first-hand experience, take the Lifestyle Quiz and find out which active wear is best for you, and share the experience. Fabletics are working hard to maintain their culture, which is having something for everyone. Their investment in physical stores will enhance their service delivery and bring them closer to their customers as well.

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