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The Rise Of Sheldon Lavin To The Helms Of OSI Group Industries

Sheldon Lavin was born over eight decades ago in 1932 and has risen to become a trendsetter in the food industry in and across America. He prides himself in being an alumnus of the prestigious University of Illinois where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. To further his knowledge, he joined the Northwestern University with a significant focus in Finance. Sheldon was a man yearning for empowerment, and to quench his quest for education, he joined the Chicago-based Roosevelt University where he emerged with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.

Mr. Lavin set out on a journey to establish his ground in the vast business industry by setting up his financial firm dubbed Sheldon Lavin and Associates, situated in the outskirts of Chicago. His tenure as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the firm set great precedence on which his career would take a tremendous shift to the right. The fifteen years he spent at its helms was marked by significant transformations that saw his star rise on the global map. His unequivocal expertise was the single base on which he was incorporated at the OSI Group Industries in 1970.

The OSI Group Industries had their operations revolve around food processing and had their base in at least 18 countries. At the time of his absorption into the company, OSI Group was merely a butchery cutting across a local market. But Sheldon Lavin proved to be the game changer in its portfolio and finance management, a move which saw it rise on the global map as food processor. His transformative agenda entailed the use of technology in accelerating their food processing and production. Through the initiative, the firm has witnessed a skyrocketing rise in the production of chicken a previous output of 12,000 tons yearly. Sheldon Lavin has steered a revolution across the United States by creating employment opportunities in the ever-expanding demand for the processor’s products.

Sheldon Lavin has been singled out as one of the most influential businessmen in America owing to the outstanding skills he showcased in turning the tables at OSI Industries. In 2016, he scooped the Edward C. Jones Community Award for the charitable activities he undertook in transforming the lives of local people.

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