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The Whole Picture at Rocketship

Founded in 2006, Rocketship is a chain of charter schools which began in California, but has now expanded to several locations across the country. The schools serve a population where the majority of students qualify for free lunch and speak English as a second language. However, Rocketship is based on the philosophy that an excellent education and the ability to attend college is the right of every child.

Rocketship uses quality research based programs and materials to facilitate the progress of their population of Kindergarten through fifth grade students. Content is tailored to the individual pace of the child for a highly personalized learning experience. Online programs adapt to the level of each student and move forward at a pace and level unique to the individual. Each child is encouraged to develop and nurture talents beyond the classroom, and parents are considered an integral part of their child’s success.

Daily instruction at Rocketship occurs around four blocks of content. Students spend portions of time working with humanities, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), computer programs, and enrichment activities, such as art, gardening, and dance. Data collection and analysis for each student insures that students are mastering content, and reinforcement and practice activities cement the knowledge.

Rocketship Education is focused on educating the whole child which means students do not just become a number or a collection of data. Social behavior models, emotional support, and positive behavior support is essential when building a community of learners who exhibit values like respect and responsibility. Developing character and learning to be a part of a team provides the skills students need to succeed both in school and out.

Again considering the whole picture, Rocketship does not expect learning to be for students only. Teachers are provided professional development opportunities to explore new techniques and ideas. Teachers collaborate in teams to share resources and ideas. Parents are deeply involved in their child’s education, and at least one home visit is conducted for every student within the school year. Every member of the Rocketship team, from parents, to students, to teachers receives the support and encouragement needed for success.

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