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Todd Lubar Discusses Why People Are Moving To Baltimore And The Potomac Area

Many young professionals have been moving to Baltimore, Maryland, in recent years. It offers a lower cost of living than nearby Washington D.C. and great restaurants and shopping. Many of these young professionals commute to Washington D.C. each day via mass transit. There are also a lot of new businesses opening up in Baltimore where they work. To house this influx of people developers in Baltimore have opened up condos and apartments. Local real estate professional Todd Lubar has been tracking this activity and he sees Baltimore as an increasingly thriving city.

The city government of Baltimore has been looking to expand public transportation in this city as well as make improvements on it. Todd Lubar says this will go a long ways towards making Baltimore even more attractive as a place to live and work. He says this will saves suburban people money who work in the city. They won’t have to pay fees for parking their cars any longer and will save on other transportation costs.

Potomac is another place that Todd Lubar sees as a great place to live. There have been a number of retail stores opening their doors as well as both local restaurants and national chains. He points in particular to Cabin John Village which had been a somewhat sleepy shopping center for the past 50 years. He says that EDENS in particular is upping its game and adding businesses and people to the community. EDENS is the owner of over 20 commercial properties in this area and they have been updating and improving the buildings over the past few years. Todd Lubar says that they are planning on adding around 60,000 sq ft of office space in the near future and another 225,000 sq ft for retail activities. The restaurants will be opening starting in the fall of 2018 and include such places as Quotidien, Shake Shack, and Sisters Thai. Todd Lubar says that he expects these developments to bring in quite a lot more tourists to the Potomac region once they are open for business.

Todd Lubar’s background is in financing and credit. He has been helping people buy homes in Maryland since 1995. He is the president of TDL Global Ventures where he is a real estate agent and property developer. He started out in the real estate industry at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked for four years. After working for a few different firms in the industry he decided to become an entrepreneur and own his own companies.


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